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Turn Your DIY Projects into Extra Money

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Turn Your DIY Projects into Extra Money

When you have a talent, it’s an easy decision to turn your craft into a few extra dollars. The introduction of sites such as Etsy makes it possible for talented crafters everywhere to take their fun hobby from enjoyable to profitable, but it’s not always as simple as it seems. You can list your items on Etsy, and you might not ever see a sale no matter how talented of an artisan you are. It’s all about marketing, putting yourself out there, and it’s all about setting yourself apart from the crowd. Allow these tips to help you grow your business overnight.

Utilize Social Media

It’s not enough to put your items on Etsy and list them for sale without utilizing the possibilities offered by other social media sites. The most helpful thing you can do for your new Etsy business is market on social media sites. Instagram is the best site for this. You’ll need to create a brand, create a name for your Etsy shop, make it the same name on Instagram, and learn how to take amazing photos. Be sure to post 2-3 times per day on Instagram to drive traffic to your Etsy shop.

Use the Right Hashtags

When marketing on social media, you must find useful hashtags. This means creating one for your business to add to each photo on Instagram. It means finding hashtags in your niche, which is the creative and DIY niche. You can find the right hashtags using sites such as Pinterest, which are filled with useful articles outlining the best hashtags for small business owners and creative minds. These will drive traffic to your Instagram photos, which in turn drives traffic to your website.

Take Quality Photos

It’s time to learn how to take the right photos for your shop and social media. The best advice you might receive is to purchase some white boards and some marble boards to use as a backdrop. Place them on the floor in a room with a lot of natural light in the mornings. Put your items on the board on the floor in front of the one set up behind it, and use this as your photography station. Your handmade items will always be photographed here for two reasons. The first is that it provides a clean line. The second is that it makes all photos uniform. The natural light makes it pretty.

Learning the art of flatlay and other photo tips is helpful when it comes to photographing your product. Remember the lovelier your photos, the more people will want to look at them. The quality of your product is paramount, but it’s the photos and the social media utilization that drive customers to your business.