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Fun Ideas for Having Plants in Your Home

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Fun Ideas for Having Plants in Your Home

There are many reasons why you should incorporate houseplants into your home décor. Not only can plants enhance the beauty of your home, they can help purify the air, improve your physical health, be a mood-lifter, add calmness to the atmosphere and boost your brain power. One additional advantage of acquiring and displaying house plants is that if you embark on some DIY projects to create containers for your plants, you’ll be giving your creative side some expressive freedom.

There’s a myriad of DIY plant container projects just waiting to be discovered in your cabinets, closets, garage, basement and numerous other places in your home. Empty cans such as soup cans, coffee cans, empty cans and empty tea tins can be used as planters. Kitchen items such as a colander, tea kettle, tea cups, coffee mugs and cooking pots of all sizes can be repurposed as planters. Mason jars can be used as planters. You can attach a band around them and hang them on a hook or a wall-hung coat rack or attach them to a board to create an impressive display of living plants.

Search through your basement, garage or local thrift store for items to turn into plant holders. An old tool box can become an attractive window box or table top plant display. You can paint it, line it with plastic, add dirt and plants and you’ll have a beautiful decorative accessory. Another option would be to fill the box with small individual pots of succulents. Vintage lunch boxes can be turned into planters in the same way as a tool box. Boots and certain types of shoes make good planters. With a little time and some paint, you can turn almost any unattractive container into a lovely flower pot. Another option would be to create a mosaic design around the container to transform it into a beautiful accessory.

If you have pets, especially cats, you may have to get creative with plant displays. Terrariums are a possible option. You can make them in empty glass containers of varying sizes. Add handcrafted details to the terrarium to showcase your personality. You can paint and decorate an old birdcage, put a potted plant inside of it and have a beautiful hanging display for your home. You can create a safe place for indoor plants by adding a piece of wire to a crate or wooden box and displaying the plants inside the box. Be sure you leave one side semi-attached so that you can water the plants. If you have pets, be sure to do some research to find pet safe indoor plants.