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5 Ways to Turn Pallets Into Something Amazing

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5 Ways to Turn Pallets Into Something Amazing

Wooden pallets are often tossed out after they have fulfilled their original purpose. Luckily, one person’s trash can become another person’s treasure with a little bit of creativity.

Upcycled Dog Beds

This is a fun project for anyone with a furry companion. Wooden pallets are perfect for building a dog bed. Simply cut the boards to the appropriate size for a base and use a few boards to frame the bed on the back and two sides. You can paint the boards to add a pop of color. Next, place a cushion of your choice inside the bed frame. Now your dog has a unique new place to sleep that adds a homemade touch to your living space.

Rustic Bookshelves

Pallets can be used to make rustic bookshelves for your home or office. They are versatile and can be used to make bookshelves in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can create a bookshelf that stands tall on its own or small shelves that attach to the wall. If you prefer a more modern look, then you can paint the shelves a bright white to remove the rustic feel.

Coffee Mug Holder

If you have more mugs than you know what to do with, then this project may be just what you need. Wooden pallets are perfect for creating wall hangings. This one is designed with mugs in mind. All it takes is a little time and a few tools to build a cute and quirky place to hang your mugs.

Wooden Planters

There are so many options for building beautiful wooden planters. They range from simple yet elegant to much more elaborate designs. They can work for flowers, succulents, or herbs. You can even make an herb planter to keep in the kitchen so that you have fresh herbs at your fingertips while cooking.

Old-Fashioned Lamps

With the help of a mason jar and a small candle, you can turn wooden pallets into quaint lamps that give your home an old-timey feel. This is such a simple project for the beautiful effect it gives. These would look great in a rustic-themed bedroom or hallway. If you have a bit more time and skill, then you could even build a farmhouse-style lightbox that hangs on the ceiling.

If none of these ideas speak to you, there is no need to worry. When it comes to wooden pallets, the opportunities are endless. They are so versatile that the only limit is your imagination.