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3 Tips to Easy Move Out Cleaning

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3 Tips to Easy Move Out Cleaning

You’re almost there with the move you have been planning. It is always an exciting time to move on and start over somewhere fresh and new, but the actual move itself can be frustrating and arduous. Packing up and cleaning everything just got a lot more time-consuming and detailed. Move out cleaning can be tiring, especially when you are trying to get a deposit back or are leaving your home to be sold. Read on for three great tips for cleaning when you are moving out.

Move Everything out First

You’ll find it nearly impossible to clean well if you are constantly tripping over boxes and bags of your belongings. If possible, get as much as you can out of your home or apartment before you start the cleaning process. The more area you have to move around, the easier it will be to clean. You won’t get as frustrated and you will be able to get more done in less time.

If you still have items that have to stay for the time being, designate an area for them all, ideally close to the door. You’ll at least have an easier time if everything isn’t scattered throughout the rooms.

Start From the Top

You’ll want to work from the top down when you are deep-cleaning for a move. Begin by dusting all of the ceiling fixtures and light bulbs in the house. Use a long-reaching duster for high ledges and corners. Clear any cobwebs from the ceilings and walls and work your way down. Clean off window ledges, light switches, outlets and door knobs, as these are items that aren’t regularly cleaned. Take out any staples, nails or hanging fixtures you have put up. Take care of any areas that are not regularly cleaned first, to get them out of the way, such as closets, crawl spaces or the garage.

Go Room by Room

Don’t let the task of cleaning a whole house get you flustered. Start with the room furthest away from the door and work your way backward. Put together a utility tote full of cleaning supplies that you can easily carry around with you. Start with one room and finish it before you go on to the next. If possible, vacuum and mop the room when you are done and then cross it off of your list of rooms to no longer enter in order for it to stay clean.